The Secretariat of deputy Bangkok Metropolitan Administration - COVID 19

05 May 2020

                 According to The Bangkok governor has issued about the donation of basic Human needs. He assigned to The Secretariat of deputy Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is a big donation center and pack up as Emergency Nutrition Bags of Bangkok to help poor people who lived in the overcrowded area. And he thankfully, to charities for donation and assisting these overcrowded areas affected by COVID-19.  Even though they have many companies donate and support the dries food for the people but right now is not enough for them. They need more dried foods and seasoning. On the other hand, they received enough rice.  All dries food will be pack up in Emergency Nutrition Bags and distributed it to the 50 district offices in Bangkok. Which all district offices have the overcrowded area over 600 community who registered for helping from them. Act Now saw it was the best way in this situation. We could support them.

                So, we supported dries food such as instant noodles, canned fish, cooking oil, drinking water, fish sauce, and granulated sugar which of each had 1,200 pieces. We think this is the best way for helping poor people who lived in the overcrowded area and also affected by COVID-19 in order to help people get a better life quality in this crisis. Lastly, we hope that our support can help them that they will be happy and we will pass through this situation together.