09 Dec 2010

                  This project supports to children who use the services at Samutprakarn Hospital in Samutprakarn province. This hospital is the main hospital, which is located in center of Samutprakarn province. Most of people who use the services are poor people and migrants who live around that area. Fifty percent of patients are migrants and work as laborer in Samutprakarn area. Therefore, a lot of people come to use services at the hospital and they have to wait at least 4-5 hours or whole day to get the services. We went to 5 departments that related to children part, which were Children’s OPD, Nursery Department, Department of Pediatrics, NICU, and OPDANC Department. Most of the problem was lacking of equipment to help and check for children.

                    After Assessment trip, Act Now supported all 5 departments which would impact all 7,200 children at Samutprakarn Hospital in Samutprakarn province including education things, hygiene part such as glove towel, handkerchief, bottle of milk, pampers, watch, and baby clothes. Moreover, it included medical equipment such as OX SAT, radiant warmer machine, and suction machine.