Emergency Nutrition Bags support for COVID-19 situation at Songkanong Subdistrict Project

11 May 2020


                         When the world encounters the most dangerous pandemic “The Corona virus” as know as  “Covid - 19”. This virus was spreading all over the world, and then it came to Thailand. SONGKANONG community is the urban community located at Bangkrajao in Samutprakarn province. There are 7,494 people and 1,725 households. In Samutprakarn province found the people who infected from Covid-19 up to 75 cases and death for 5 cases. Therefore, this province has to use defensive measures more than other provinces, which lead the people who work around the community to close or stop their business. So, many people and employees in the community are lack of profit to earn a living and to support their families. For example, employees who have to stop running their business because of the Covid-19 pandemic and live in the small rental room, Burmese who cross the border to work and then has to stop because of the virus, elders who live alone and, and many patients who live in this community.

                       On 5 May 2020, Act Now would like to help this people who are affected from this situation by we provided 600 Emergency Nutrition Bags including rice 5 kg., canned fish, sugar, fish sauce, cooking oil, chilli Paste and Instant noodle to support them in the hard time and hele people to have a better life quality in this crisis. We coordinate with the president of Songkanong district to deliver the supply and to giveaway, on this day the community cooperates with Act now as well.  We hope that it can help them more or less and we will pass through this situation together.