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Krit Jit Asa (Volunteer group) 2021

07 Mar 2022

Krit Jit Asa (Volunteer Group)        

Kirt Jit Asa (volunteer group). This group is a non-profit organization in Bangkok. This group was created to unite the volunteer faculty to help the community and society get better by supporting schools far away from prosperity (mostly the children in the hill tribes in the north of Thailand).. Act Now would like to be a part of helping and supporting their activities to accomplish well and give the greatest benefit to the children. We will support them by purchasing the necessary supplies for every child.

1# The first activity had 2 schools. There were 387 children in total. Firstly, was Ban Kohadang School. On 6 - 7 March 2021, we supported them with kitchenware, school bags, painting equipment, instructional media, and liquid alcohol for self-protection. Secondly, was Baan Rai Suksan School in Bueng Kan province. On 26 - 28 Feburary 2021, we supported accessories for hair cutting, light bulbs used in the classroom, school bags, painting equipment, instructional media, and sports equipment.

#2 The second activity was 4 schools. There were 350 children in total. Firstly, was Ban Saengpha School.we supported them with painting equipment. Secondly, was Ban Pa Miang School, Lampang province. we supported them with a kindergarten education game, Act Now small bag, and stationary. Thirdly, Ban Racha School, Chiang Mai province We supported them spotlight solar cell and power converter. Lastly, was Ban Rak Thai School, we supported them the stationary as well.