The Act Now Children's Fund (Act Now) is an organization that has been established for the purpose of helping children's health needs in under-served regions around the world. Act Now works to accomplish this mission by sponsoring community health based initiatives, supporting specialized medical assistance programs and providing emergency relief when crisis or natural disasters strike.

Why? Because more than half the world's children are suffering extreme deprivations from poverty, war, and health conditions that effectively deny children a childhood and hinder the development of societies. More than one billion children are denied a healthy and protected upbringing they were promised by 1989's Convention on the Rights of the Child, the world's most widely adopted human right's treaty.

We believe that every community is unique; therefore, Act Now is committed to developing local partnerships, program learning and innovations and to taking community based approaches that address the health needs of poor and disadvantaged populations. If you have the local ability to help in our core program areas, please consider partnering with us to serve the needs of the children in your community children. If you are aware of a worthy project that we should consider supporting, please let us know about it so we can evaluate how we can help. If we work together, we can give childhood back to all of the world's children!

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