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Surin Trip 2019

05 Aug 2019

On 5-9 August 2019, We visited 16 schools in Surin province to do a delivery ceremony following are;

1. Baan Rao Nakhon School
2. Huan Tawin Wittaya School
3. Peang Luang 8 School
4. Baan Non Tong School
5. Baan Pone Tong School
6. Baan Ruang Charoen Pattana School
7. Baan Aot Rat Samakkhi School
8. Baan Sawaht School
9. Baan Khok Samong School
10. Baan Nong Lek School
11. Baan Bua Khun Jong School
12. Baan Jabok School
13. Baan Chok School
14. Baan Ta Wang School
15. Baan Na School
16. Kalahomrajchasena 2 School

We were so glad that children were so happy with our supports. 
And we hoped that all of our supports would enhance their quality of life.