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ActNow CSR  


Tailored CSR Strategies: We will work with your organization to design unique and brand-specific CSR initiatives that will position your company as an industry leader in creating a business-aligned societal impact.  We will also develop strategies to increase profitability and drive growth while addressing societal problems.

Rebranding and PR: A well-executed CSR strategy can strengthen your company's brand and engender a positive reception from your community, customers, investors, employees, and suppliers.

Business Growth: A company dedicated to giving back to their community sees a tangible return on investment from local customers, who benefit from the company's CSR policies.  As your brand improves, so does your bottom line.  

Investor Benefits: Investors are more likely to support companies that dedicate time and resources to worthwhile CSR and Sustainability endeavors.  

Employee Incentives:  Companies engaged in CSR are considered to be more responsible, environmentally conscious, and ethical.  These traits attract new talent



Act Now CSR Commitment to Sustainability


At Act Now CSR, we help companies integrate environmental concerns in their business plans without compromising economic performance. 

We specialize in renewable energy projects, smart grid solutions, environmental impact assessments, supply chain efficiency, and green initiatives at the grassroots and corporate levels.

Some of our CSR Environment focused services include:

  • Environmental baseline assessments
  • Custom made environmental management plans
  • Outlining comprehensive environmental evaluation programs
  • Impact assessment studies