Mae Hong Sorn 2019

11 Mar 2019

On January 21-25, 2019, Act Now visited 13 schools in Pang Ma Pha District, Mae Hong Son province on the occasion of assessment of school needs  There are Bann Huay Heah school, Baan Yah Pah Nae school, Baan Mae La Na school, Baan Tham Lod school, Baan Muang Pam school, Baan Pa Mon school, Pang Mapha District Educational Area School (Baan Dong Ma Fai), Baan Kued Sam Sib school, Baan Nam Rin school, Baan Look Pah Goh School, Baan Pang Bon Wattanakan, Pang Mapha District Educational Area School (Baan Pang Tong, and Baan Nam Hoo Pha Suar School. We are support many kind of need for example bagback, school stationary, sport equipment, and etc.