Sakonnakorn Project 2020

28 Sep 2020

                         On 28 September 2020, we were for delivery supply to all 15 schools in 5 district in Sakonnakorn province. Most of children came from poor and divorce family and most of them were lack of education materials. Parents were agriculturists or factory labor and had low income, which means they cannot support their children everything to have a good quality of life. Some of school didn’t get support from the government, they had to wait for donate money from donator and it take a long time to wait for. So, that’s the reason why we have to help them, because the government don’t. Actnow had supported in many school in Sakonnakorn province such as water system reparation, Library construction, toilet reparation, PA Sound system, Kindergarten Playground and Water tank. Most of schools will start the project in the middle of August and finish in October. The trip was successfully done and there was no problem because of cooperation between teacher and the directors of all schools.