Sahathai Foundation - COVID19

25 Jun 2020

                           On June 25, 2020, Act Now went to Sahathai foundation. this place needs to take care a lot of children who live in the small community (slum), abandoned children in a poor family, the child that left with grandmother and the children whose parents were dead because of od AIDS. the number of children is 390 children. Moreover, they still lack a lot of basic needs and during COVID-19 it would difficult to go out and buy the supplies themselves other than that most of basic supplies are expensive more than usual so, we want to support what we could to cheer up them form this stressful and dangerous situation. We donated hygiene supply such as baby soap, baby shampoo, detergent, baby lotion, petroleum gel, and disinfectant solution. The education supply such as the storybook, drawing paper, and color pencil. We also supported U.H.T milk.