Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute - COVID 19

30 Apr 2020

                      Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute is a specialized hospital for patients infected with highly contagious diseases and used to control the outbreak of the diseases. Examples include SARS, MERS, Ebola and currently COVID-19. The government doesn’t support them much during the current crisis. This place take care of 30 patients that have corona virus and 900 medical staffs who working at hospital (Including doctor, nurse, nurse assistant etc.) We could see clearly that they should be so exhausted and unmanned. Therefore, we want to support what we could to cheer them up from this stressful and dangerous situation. We contacted with donation department staff (Ms.Nam) about the supplies that they need in that time. Apparently the protection supplies (sanitizer hands gel, masks, hands soap, alcohol, PPE.) that they have for the patient, doctor and nurse are enough but the problem that they have is about the nutrition problem. They need us to support Nutrient supply. The supply that they need support from us is the dry food for 30 patients and 900 medical staffs. Because they don’t let the patient and medical staffs to eat the food that bring from outside. They would like to cook by themselves. Moreover, all of the medical staffs have a very short personal time to eat their meal.

                         So, Act Now decided to support instant rice porridge for doctor, nurse, and all the staff for eating in the morning-night shift and we would like to support them some juice for the best nutrient. We feel good that we could help many peoples in this situation even they are not children but they are a group of people who sacrifice a lot in this situation and we hope everything will be fine as soon as possible. Act Now encourage everyone.