Saraburi and Lopburi Project 2020

12 Jun 2020

                              On June 12, 2020, we went to Saraburi and Lopburi province for delivery trip. this was our first time to provide our assistance in Saraburi and Lopburi after the covid-19 pandemic. For this trip we helped 1,087 children in 2 foundation and 2 school. For Saraburi province we went to Saraburi Special Education Centre and other are in Loburi province including School for the blind and the blind with multi-handicapped Lopburi,  Lopburi Panyanukul School, and Saraburi Home for girl. Most of place are different from a normal school. They take care of disable children and blind children more over these children were from poor family and some of them was abandoned by the parents. For this trip we mostly supported as a construction project. For Saraburi Special Education Center we supported a budget for renovation a sensory stimulation room and budget for rock climbing simulator. For Lopburi Panyanukul school, we had supported a first aid kit and household remedy. For School for the blind and the blind with multi-handicapped we support a budget for toilet renovation room. And for Saraburi home for girls, we supported education material such as Laptop, nutrition materials such as Water storage and other project such as budget for the rooftop and flooring.

                                      We thanks to all the staffs for gave a warm welcome and little gift to us. We hope that our supported would be useful for them to have a better quality of life and we are looking forward to visit them the next time.