Ramathibodi Hospital - COVID 19

19 May 2020

                       On May 19 2020, We visit Ramathibodi Hospital. The hospital is located on Rama 6 Road, close to Chitralada Royal Villa, which affected 7 patients that had corona virus 18 patients who had risk and 5 patients in the quarantine, after contacted with the staff who’s work in the donation department. They told us that the COVID-19 outbreak is getting worse, the medical personnel at Ramathibodi Hospital need to speed up preparations to treat critically ill patients whose numbers may increase in the future. As such, ECMO and ventilators and masks are crucial equipment in a situation like this. In that moment they have got a lot of sanitizer hands gel, hands soap, alcohol, PPE. but the supply that they need support from us is the Masks because this supply is difficult to find in the market and they need to use and change in every single day. Sometime mask is not enough for everyone.

                        Moreover, this hospital has 2,993 workers that need to work with the patients. It is mean that they need to use a lot of masks for virus protection. So, what we supported the hygiene basic equipment such as surgical masks and N95 for the doctor, Nurse, and the patients for protection to lower the risk of spreading the virus to other patients and doctors.