Nachueak Hospital, Mahasarakham province - COVID 19

19 May 2020

                   From Covid -19 situation that occurs around Thailand, the virus not only effected inhabitant or the resident that live around but also medical personnel that works at the hospital as well. every day, most of the hospital must deal with patients who concern about Covid-19. Many places seem to have many high-risk patients from the virus, so the hospital needs to quarantine these patients for preventing the virus which can be spread to others. This means medical personnel can affect the virus from patients as well, thus it is an inevitable risk for doctors and nurses who work in this situation. 

                   Nachueak Hospital is located in Northeast of Thailand in Mahasarakham province. The province is mostly a plain covered with rice fields. Only in the north and east are there small hills. This hospital has 7 doctors, 44 nurses, 6 pharmacists, and other staff for more than 100 people. This hospital is one of the hospitals that deal with patients from this pandemic. We appreciated all medical personnel and every staff who has a high risk of exposure from the virus, so we willing to help all the doctors and patients with our medical product for both of them to protect each other. We donated 100 masks for medical personnel to put on when they look after patients and also to give away for them to prevent the virus from others. In this situation we can’t deliver the supply by ourselves so, we decide to deliver the supply by mail delivery. We thought This way it’s a safe way for two of us to keep a distance. The supply was deliver to the hospital so fast, When the supply was arrived at the hospital, the staff in Nachueak Hospital look very happy. We wish our help will be helping the staff in hospital and make a beneficial for the hospital and patients more or less.