The Mirror Foundation - COVID 19

09 Jun 2020

                                    At around 2 P.M. on June 9, 2020, Act Now Children Consulting Co.,Ltd. visited the Mirror Foundation to hand over emergency food aid to support many Thais who cannot afford to live a life of self-quarantine or self-isolation as they live hand to mouth due to the COVID-19 pandemic which the government implemented state of emergency measures include the temporary closure of schools and businesses across Thailand.

                            We, as a social service organization, realized one of the tough times of humanity in the twenty-first century, particularly disadvantaged and marginal people, so we collaborated with the Mirror Foundation by providing budget to support nutrition supplies comprise of 300 boxes of U.H.T. plain flavor milk (36 x 200 ml./box), 1,100 packs of Chinese pork sausage (500 g./pack), 550 packs of Chinese chicken sausage (500 g./pack), 1,800 packs of dried fish (500 g./pack), and 1,500 bottles of cooking oil to those people requesting for humanitarian aid through the Mirror Foundation during the COVID-19 pandemic.