Hill Tribe Children Assistance Project with Pom Puean Pong Group

13 Jul 2011

In July, Act Now performed project in Tak frontier province where many hill tribe children are living in community. According to the route to get into the school was too difficult, so we need to operate project with our partner, “Jungle Friendly” group or Pom Puean Pong, in order to accomplish our aid assistance for hill tribe children. 

Act Now visited 2 schools which were Kar Ma Pa Do Boarder Patrol Police School and Baan Num HormSchool in order to provide back packs and stationary to the hill tribe children individually. Besides, we prepared food and ingredients such as noodle, fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar, salt, cooking oil, household supplies such as powder detergent and dish washing liquid and sport materials such as soccer balls, volleyballs, and rattan balls to the school and let the teachers organized for the children. All common supplies were calculated enough for all children for almost 3-4 months since it is not easy for them to find proper food and supplies.