Foundation for Slum Child Care - COVID 19

24 Jun 2020

                       Foundation for Slum Child Care was established in 1981, many children often missed the school because they had to be home to look after their siblings. The foundation started by providing healthcare to young children, running daycare facilities for baby and small infants. They have 4 daycare centers in the communities around the garbage dumps of Bangkok, serving the need of parents who have to leave their children while earning a living rummaging through the garbage.

                           During the COVID-19 situation, the government’s prevention measures such as social distancing, self-quarantine and lockdown caused many problems to people in the communities. All the daycares need to be temporary closed and all the children have to stay at home with their parents. Some of their parents cannot go to work or unemployed, which means they will not get any incomes during this hard time. Act now concerned about the children that their parents might not have enough income to afford everything for their children and family members. They lacked milk for children that is the most important for children, especially infants and toddlers for their growing. We decided to provide them formula milk and U.H.T. milk. Moreover, we also provided them some rice and tin fish for the family members of the children that living in slum communities around daycares.