The Foundation for Child Development - COVID 19

23 Jun 2020

                          On 23 June 2020, we was for delivery supply to The Foundation for Child Development in Samutprakarn province. There were many children and people who get an effect from Covid-19 situation, we support them as a Survival Bag.  Most of the trip was successfully done and there was no problem because of cooperation between staff and our team. In survival bag we add a 5kg. of rice, 4 pack of noodles, 5 can of fishcans, 1 bag of sugar, 1 bottle of oil and 1 bottle of fish sauce. The children is very hustle and diligent, They love to helping us and helping each other to packing a survival bag. But the child is still a child, some of mistake can happened any time, lucky to them to having us to recheck the supply in a survival bag again before sending out. We take a group photo and told them to sending a photo back to us when they’re start distribute a survival bag to the children and people in many country. She gave us a promise and told us to comeback and helping this children again if we had a chance. We accept her request and told her if we had a chance, we will comeback later.