Baan Berd Wittaya School

08 Dec 2011

Baan Berd Wittaya School located in Nong Kai province. Its schooling 124 students with only 10 teachers take care of them. The school receives a few amount of fee from the government that it is never enough for purchasing school materials and providing lunch for all 124 students. Therefore, the school is looking forward to receiving donation from other groups of people for developing student’s learning ability.?

After Act Now paid a visit the school in July, 5 months later, we committed to support classroom furniture included 50 amount of tables and chairs, big bookshelf, and 5 computers. Act Now also distributed backpacks contained personal stationary inside. We realized that the students were lack of proper materials for studying and hope that our support could encourage their learning in the future. Beside, we provided soccer balls, volleyballs, rattan balls and badminton for power up children’s strength. Music instrument was provided for practicing for the competition with other schools too.