Baan Nokkamin Foundation - COVID 19

08 May 2020

               On Friday 8 May,  Act Now visited at Baan Nokkamin Foundation. They were a Christian organization established in 1989. They offer assistance to orphans, street children, underprivileged children, and drug addicts. Now we were in the Covid-19 crisis. Which directly affected to the economic activity. Therefore, many Thai labors lose their jobs and no income. They had infant but no have the money to buy milk powder to their infant. Baan Nokkamin Foundation was realized in this crisis. So, they helped their infant by requesting the milk powder donation and they provided to them. Now, they had cases more than 1,000 cases that needed support increasingly and their milk powder not enough. Therefore, we would like to support the milk powder to Baan Nokkamin Foundation. We contacted Baan Nokkamin Foundation and they pleased that we would like to support them.  

                  We provided the milk powder to Baan Nokkamin Foundation and they will deliver milk powder to 1,000 children all over the country, especially in Bangkok and in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand. The process of giving milk powder;  First, they received requisition via Facebook.  Then, they will contact back to request more information. Second, they will go to children home to decide that their suitable to help. Lastly, they will deliver milk powder to children. We saw they had worked hard to help the children. We hope that the delivery of milk powder would be help many families had a good life.