Act Now Responded to the Flooding Catastrophic in Central Thailand

01 Oct 2011

Since the flood continues happen in many area in Thailand, Act Now paid attention to this emergency crisis and quickly support the affected children and their family by preparing 20,000 bottles of drinking water, 2,000 units of soy milk, 5,040 cans of canned fish and 2,748 bags of snacks. Besides, we also provide bugs sprays and basic medicine to the people in the affected flood area because the bugs came with water and it might cause some diseases. Act Now prepared those items by putting it together in the bag and distributed all 3,000 bags to the flood victims in Ayutthaya, Angthong, Nakornsawan, Pathumtani and Lopburi province.

However, there were many people who lost their homes and belongings need to shelter in the evacuation center. Act Now still supported them by delivery household supplies and personal use items such as underwear, shampoo, soap, towel, sanitary napkins and so on.