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6 Community Isolation in Ayutthaya 2021 - COVID19

17 Aug 2021

Ayutthaya Province

Throughout the spread of the COVID-19, Ayutthaya had the highest number of COVID-19 case count of around 350 new cases per day. On August 2, 2021, the total number of cases to date to 9,361 most of which were found among workers in an industrial estate. The governor has decided to initiate the community isolation in all districts of Ayutthaya for coordinating with the healthcare workers and treat people who were affected by the Covid-19 situation. On each day, the community isolation had to manage their supplies for people in there. The community isolation needs more support because the number of infected people in Ayutthaya has increased every day. There are 7,900 people who were assigned to observation status and 9,300 inpatients which means all the medical staff had to work so hard to prevent the virus from widely spreading.

On August 17, 21 We made an appointment for an officer from 6 places at 13.00 P.m. to receive our supplies at Baan Sang Community Isolation. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we did not deliver our supplies by ourselves, so the supplies for Ayutthaya province had been delivered by our vendor before the appointment date. The supplies had been delivered such as PPE, N95 Mask, Disinfectant solution, and instant noodles, Etc. The Ayutthaya province project can help who affected by the COVID-19 crisis more than 7,900 people.